For anyone who cherishes the natural environments of the Montreat cove, the “History of the Montreat Wilderness” would make a great source of reading enjoyment during these cold days of winter. This publication was written by Montreat’s own Dr. Jane Holt, who has carefully documented efforts to preserve the area’s woodlands and described both their ecological importance and the dedicated efforts of citizens and organizations toward their conservation. Dr. Holt’s account of over a century of activity includes copies of historical documents and identifies many of the individuals who worked tirelessly to insure a healthy environment for future generations. The publication is available from the Montreat Conference Center, in person at the president’s office in Freeland Hall in Montreat, or by calling 828-669-6041 (ask for Polly Cameron). Ordinarily the cost is $10.00, but until December 31 it can be obtained for just $5.00 by using promotion code “Landcare17” while supplies last. (Cover image J. Standaert)