“Montreat Beautiful Day”

Launched as Stay-in-Place Web Page to Connect with Outdoors


Spring is a wonderful time for making new connections with the natural world. While we are practicing stay-at-home behaviors during the coronavirus pandemic, it is still possible to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the out-of-doors. The Montreat Landcare Committee has created a page on its website intended to serve the community as a source of ideas and inspirations, whether sitting indoors or perhaps puttering in the garden or walking in a solitary place. See Montreat Landcare Project Page: Montreat Beautiful Day


The first article in this occasional series is on flower gardens and native plants. Unfortunately, the 8th annual native plant sale in Montreat, scheduled for April 25, 2020, had to be postponed. Some virtual ways to learn more and see some of the beauty of native (and other) plants are listed in the pdf MONTREAT BEAUTIFUL DAY: PLANTS IN ALL THEIR GLORY!


The article has links to virtual tours of botanical gardens and sources of information about identifying and selecting native plants. One website even has a page full of information for parents, grandparents and others caring for children, titled Stuck at home, not stuck inside.


As always, Landcare invites reader comments at email info@montreatlandcare.org.